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A 4 Letter Word Game Exclusively for Playdate

You are a code breaker who stumbles across a nifty little device that spits out coins every time you solve a four-letter code. Sounds simple enough! As your wealth grows, so do the questions: Where did this device come from? Who made it? What happens if you keep playing, or worse yet, if you walk away from it all?

You are the key to breaking the loop.

Do you like word games with hours of gameplay spread across bite-sized puzzles?

CodeWordPlay is a four-letter word game exclusively for Playdate, a beautiful little handheld console with a crank created by the fine people at Panic. Except CodeWordPlay is a little more than that. Is it a little like Wordle? Yes. Is it also nothing like Wordle? Also yes. It doesn't have any of the dirty four letter words you're thinking of, but it might have best, word, game, play, date and other great four-letter words in it.

CodeWordPlay has a couple of unlockable items and plenty of surprises. By the end you’ll agree this game is *very* unique, and not like other word games. CodeWordPlay is a great complement to the Playdate's Season 1 games.

Want to check it out first? Download the CodeWordPlay demo today for free!

CodeWordPlay features:

  • more than 400 levels
  • 10 unlockable pieces of gear
  • yes, this is a word game with an equipment system
  • 10 pieces of loot (aka achievements)
  • yes, this is a word game with achievements
  • pick-up-and-play gameplay
  • I prefer set-down-and-get-down gameplay but that hasn't caught on
  • existential dread
  • a few fun surprises

CodeWordPlay FREE Demo features:

  • 20 levels
  • A sneak peek at the game's first items and achievements

How to play

Here's a quick overview on how to crack the codes in CodeWordPlay, straight from the in-game tutorial:

CodeWordPlay was developed by Mike Suszek, former video games writer for Joystiq, former licensing manager for Out of the Park Baseball and Franchise Hockey Manager and independent games and crowdfunding consultant.

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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I’m already worried about the quick draw 10 times in a row in the game’s images. Can levels be replayed or progress reset? Otherwise it would be possible to finish all 400 without achieving it?

And if the levels are always the same and replayable, replaying the first 10 would render it trivial and not much of an achievement. 

I know I could try the demo but those levels may not work the same way as the levels in the paid game, so I wanted to ask you here. 

Thanks for reaching out, it's a totally fair question! I'll try to put your mind at ease.

There's a couple things that will make this achievement pretty easy over the course of the game. First, I would recommend Chill mode, as the timer is much longer than Normal mode and as a result, more forgiving. There's no penalty for switching modes, you get the same rewards as you would Normal mode. Hit "B" on the title screen to change that in the options menu.

Next, over the course of the game you'll unlock gear that will make that achievement (loot), as well as others, easier to unlock. In fact, the  very first item (pocket watch) is very helpful to keep the quick solves rolling. And keep in mind that a quick solve doesn't need to be flawless, so if you use up two of your guesses in short order to solve a code quickly, that's cool!

Truth be told, when I developed this game, as I got used to the puzzles I was worried it would be too easy. Hearing from a few who struggled early on opened my eyes to a few things that v.1.1 of the game addresses and hopefully makes things easier. As with any puzzle game, like sudoku, once you learn the patterns and what to look for, you may find yourself solving codes in 10 to 15 seconds. After all, every code is a 4 letter word, so it's kind of like Wordle, except fast (at least that's what I was going for). If you need any pointers along the way, don't hesitate to reach out!

As for the demo, I took 20 words and set (most) of them aside specifically for the demo, so it works just like the game. It's actually possible to unlock and purchase an item and unlock an achievement or two in the demo, but it's really a small flavor of the full game. Without the secrets, of course. The only difference is I haven't updated the demo to v.1.1 yet, so it doesn't have Chill mode in it.

Thanks again for taking interest in my game, I hope you have a great holiday!


I've been pining for word games on Playdate, and this one is really innovative. Fun! A bit like Wordle with a time limit and powerups,


So many puzzles!